Monday, February 22, 2010

Light the Bat Signal!

I apologize if the title to this is misleading... I will not be blogging about the elusive Batman today, or even about bats. I will however, regale you with the tale of the bat-eared fox, a mammal many of you probably have never heard about. In case you didn't know, I'm a wannabee vet and cute animals are my weakness. The first time I saw a picture of a bat-eared fox, I smiled and giggled like a little school girl at the adorable absurdity of its huge ears and tiny head. Now, I would like to spread that laughter to you, as well as some basic information on this animal.

The bat-eared fox species is an endangered species of canid that lives in the African savanna. These foxes are nocturnal and monogamous, with a diet of mostly insects. They may also eat small rodents, birds, eggs, and even fruit. But enough of the boring facts! You want to see these little guys in action? Check out the behavior of the bat-eared fox in this video from National Geographic.

It is interesting to note that unlike many animals, male bat-eared foxes are very invested in the rearing of their young. As you can see in the video, males are very protective of their female young and will not let the females mate unless the young courting male asks him first. One more interesting fact to leave you with is that these canids are extremely important in termite control in Africa. One bat-eared fox can eat over one million termites a year!

If you want to know more about engdangered animals or what you can do to help, visit the website for the Wildlife Action Group.


  1. Awesome post! I think that is so funny how protective the dad is of his little girl...kind of reminds me of my dad...especially the part about 'chasing away' the suitors!
    Nice job!

  2. Cheesy voiceover, but great shots in that video. But I always wonder how staged these types of videos are. Is that a good representation of what happened, or more like an episode of the Bachelor?