Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yea, we're liars

So, as some of you may recall, Nikki told you that we were back, oh about three months ago. We had every intention of starting our blog back up again, I promise, but some things ended up getting in our way.

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Nikki for the first time in public (if you don't count facebook) for getting accepted into The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. Woohoo! Go Nikki! If anyone knows Nikki, they know how much she wants to be a vet, and how hard she worked in school to achieve that goal. While some of us were practicing all the dance moves to an OK GO music video (Melissa and I), Nikki would sit at her desk and practice how to draw all of the steps in some process she had to know for Cell Bio. All of her hard work finally paid off, and now she gets to pursue her dream!

I was busy the past few months trying to find a job even remotely related to my degree. Unfortunately, I don't have the means to go do any unpaid work, so I had to do a more menial search. Until the middle of December, it looked like my future was in retail (ew). I finally landed a job at a pharmaceutical company in Bedford. The job isn't glamorous, but hey, I needed that degree that I spent so much money on to get in, so it will do.

Anyways, now that I am settled into a sort-of regular work schedule, I do plan on picking up the blogging. Honestly, I kind of missed it. You'll hear from me soon, in the mean time, everyone go congratulate Nikki!

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  1. That is all fantastic news! I hope you two aren't too busy to add an occasional post. And you should check out the new set of science blogs in senior seminar this year.